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[PORTO] by Kate Benson

We are thrilled to team up with WP Theater in association with New Georges to present the Off-Broadway debut of Kate Benson's [PORTO], which premiered at the Starr last Season!

Now extended thru March 4!

Critics Pick! “A stealthily ferocious, comfortingly hopeful, very funny new play.”
The New York Times

“Laugh-out-loud hilarious and agonizingly true.”
New York Magazine

Four Stars - A Critics Pick. “Hugely worth seeing.”
–Time Out New York

“Magical, mischievous, and just plan hilarious.”

Off-Broadway Premiere
a co-production with WP Theater
in association with New Georges

by Kate Benson
directed by Lee Sunday Evans
with Noel Joseph Allain, Kate Benson, Ugo Chukwu, 
Jorge Cordova, Leah Karpel, and Julia Sirna-Frest

A woman walks into a bar. Her name is Porto. She's a regular. She likes this bar: serious food, serious wine, serious bartender-a staple in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood (perhaps Bushwick?). Her friends, her wine, and her artisanal snacks are there; her doubts about being a Modern Woman are put on snooze. A handsome stranger walks in and orders something special. Disruption ensues: an upside-down romantic comedy unfolds inside and outside her head. Desires of all kinds are awakened with a ferocious thump. A nice smile is a nice smile, but can we enjoy the sausage once we know how it's made?

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Starr Reading Series: Spring 2018
to Mar 5

Starr Reading Series: Spring 2018

The Starr Reading Series is a way for us to expand our community while we celebrate and explore the plays of the city's most exciting playwrights. We feature the work of a diverse group of writers at all stages of their careers who are approaching writing for the theater in thrilling and unexpected ways. We are proud to continue to offer this ongoing series to our audiences FREE of charge!

Readings are always at 8pm, and are always FREE!

FEBRUARY 25: Best Life by Melisa Tien
If you could go back and change something that went wrong in your life, wouldn't you? If you could go back and change something that went wrong in your life within the last five minutes, would you? If you could go back and change something that went wrong in your life within the last five minutes, and were at liberty to keep doing it over and over, could you? A play about someone trying to live her best life, in a world that doesn't seem to be letting her.

FEBRUARY 26: Charlatans by Kate Dakota Kremer
A madcap, gender-wiggly play about performance and justice in 18th century London. Inspired by contemporary trial transcripts and memoirs, it follows the histories of two real-life “charlatans”: Charlotte Charke, an actor, playwright, and cross-dresser; and Charles Macklin, an Irish-born actor famed for his murderous temper and sympathetic depiction of Shylock. The intertwining histories of these two outsiders offer a window into a perilously unfamiliar world that in its illogic, injustice, and joyous indeterminacy may illuminate our own.

MARCH 4 (special 6pm start time): Orchid Receipt Service by Corinne Donly
A true story told by the subconscious. Chronicling two years' worth of dreams-really-dreamt, the play follows the relationship of Monte and Davey--two transmasculine people in their late twenties--as they drift into and beyond a breakup. In documenting the playwright's dream-attempts to make a parting real, Orchid Receipt Service offers a record of the stages and symbols that a psyche moves through as it learns to let go of another.

MARCH 5: Definition by Whitney White
What happens when a black woman's mind begins to unravel? What happens when we zoom in on her? What happens when she becomes trapped in our gaze? What happens when she falls in love with a Magritte painting? Definition is a snapshot of a contemporary African American woman’s life told in an unconventional way. It is a look at delusion, and how we learn to walk with our demons every day.

The 2017-18 series is curated by William Burke, Jillian Walker, and John Del Gaudio

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8:00 PM20:00

Artist-Run Venues: An Exponential Panel


We're hosting a panel discussion as part of The Exponential Festival about artist-run venues!

The whys and hows and wtfs of running a space in New York WHILE being an artist will be delved into with our amazing panelists and YOU.

Ximena Garnica - Leimay Studio
Meghan Finn and Rosalind Grush - The Tank
Catherin Mueller - The Parlour
David Herskovits and Moe Yousuf - Target Margin Theater
Brian McCorkle - Panoply Performance Lab
Cameron Stuart - The Glove

Moderated by Theresa Buchheister

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6:30 PM18:30

The Bushwick Starr's 2017 Gala


Join us for our annual Gala to celebrate and support The Bushwick Starr's 2017-18 Season!

The event will be held at Bushwick's Michelin award-winning restaurant, Faro, beginning at 6:30pm with specialty drinks at the bar followed by a seasonal multi-course dinner prepared by Faro's owner and chef, Kevin Adey. Gala tickets are $250, which includes dinner and drinks, special performances, and a silent auction.

The Gala is a private invite-only event. To inquire about purchasing a ticket, please contact: lauren@thebushwickstarr.org

Matthew Cowherd, Gita Deo, Jeff Griffin, Robin Griffiths, Matthew Harrison, David Herskovits, Oliver Kramer, Alia McKee, David Ringer, Keanu Reeves, Rachel Viola, and Ashley Woolf

If you are unable to attend the event, but want to make a contribution, you can donate at any time.


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