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Starr Reading Series: CURATOR'S EDITION


Come check out the work of our Starr Reading Series curators!

All at 8pm in the Bushwick Starr Annex, and FREE as always!

July 15:
Variations of the main
by William Burke
a validation of the last breaths. kind of like a campfire circle. but serious. but also funny. and it won't last long.

July 16:
by John Del Gaudio
Mae West wrote a book called Mae West on Sex, Health & ESP. Join us as we read parts of it. Then maybe we'll try to make contact with Mae or Amelia Earhart (who are rumored to have held a seance together). With special guests Corinne Donly and Paula Roberts, aka "The English Psychic".

July 17:
Songs of Speculation
written + performed by Jillian Walker

What do 1700s New Orleans spirit songs leading up to a Great Fire sound like? What is the sound of an unraveling kerchief? A swamp filled with sex? Here are sum songs of speculation. Embodied dramaturgy for your senses.