APRIL 25 – 28

Thursday at 7pm (PS75): Free!
Friday at 6:30pm (PS239): $50 Benefit Event + Performance
Saturday at 1pm (PS75) + 4pm (PS239): Free!
Sunday at 1pm (PS239) + 4pm (PS75): Free!

Created in collaboration with Superhero Clubhouse
Plays written by Bushwick/Ridgewood elementary students at PS75 + PS239

This year's plays are inspired by two big problems facing local eco-systems: Habitat Loss and Climate Change. Student playwrights have created a menagerie of characters who live in a community surrounding an urban salt marsh (much like this one in Brooklyn's Marine Park). Throughout the plays, this community of humans and non-humans face pollution, deforestation, giant storms, poaching, and heat waves that threaten the survival of the marsh eco-system, ultimately finding solace and solutions in each other. 


MAY 22 – JUNE 8

Written and Directed by Sean Donovan
Choreographed by Sean Donovan, Tyler Ashley and Brandon Washington

Part dance, theater, and film, CABIN explores violence, the complexities of queer desire and intimacy, and the lines between biography and fiction. It follows three queer men and the creation and destruction of their relationship in a cabin in the woods. It is a story, but it is also about story itself, how story is told and how disparate forms of expression can serve in the evocation of the feelings and sensations of memory.

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