Save the date for our 5th Annual

June 12, 2018

A food party celebrating the eats, drinks and merriments of Bushwick, Brooklyn, to benefit The Bushwick Starr


For one night only, an incredible array of dozens of Bushwick restaurants, bars, shops and businesses gather to celebrate the neighborhood’s vibrant culinary life while offering tastes of their food and drink at The Annual Taste of Bushwick.

Representing a diverse cross-section of Bushwick’s culinary scene both new and established, last year's participants included:

  • The authentic Sicilian street food, deep-fried rice balls from Arancini Bros
  • An experimental distillery making vacuum-distilled whiskeys and spirits, Arcane Distilling
  • Deep dish pizza from late-night fave Archie's Bar + Pizza
  • Craft beer bar and vinyl record lounge BierWax
  • Fabulous and frozen treats by the one and only, Big Gay Ice Cream
  • Specialty coffee roaster representing its newest outpost in Bushwick, Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Taste of Bushwick’s event sponsor and host, Boar's Head Brand
  • “Bold & crafty” brews from Bushwick’s very own Braven Brewing Company
  • Vegan baked goods from Brooklyn Whiskers Bakery
  • All-natural drinks from Bruce Cost Ginger Ale
  • Locally‐sourced and organic foods from the Bushwick Food Coop
  • Cape Cod-inspired vibes and food from Cape House
  • All-natural dumplings from Bushwick’s very own dumpling factory, Chef One 
  • Gluten-free baked goods and sweet treats from Elisa’s Love Bites
  • Chef Kevin Adey’s Michelin-starred handmade pasta emporium Faro
  • Handmade treats from the neighborhood’s very own FINE & RAW chocolate Factory
  • An inspired take on Middle-Eastern cuisine from fave outdoor oasis Forrest Point
  • Murray’s Cheese veteran Aaron Foster’s Knickerbocker Ave specialty market Foster Sundry
  • Sophisticated Mexican eatery and supper club Guadalupe Inn
  • Natural, biodynamic, and organic selections from Henry's Wine & Spirit
  • Provisions and craft beer outpost Hops & Hocks
  • The calming, euphoric drink hailing back centuries from the South Pacific, brewed from the all-natural kava herb, by House of Kava
  • Tastes off the Middle-Eastern-inspired brunch menu of cabaret venue House of Yes
  • Wine and spirits purveyors Irving Bottle
  • Craft brewery and taproom Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)
  • The Bushwick born-and-bred chef of Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen gives an edgy twist to classic Vietnamese dishes at Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen
  • Chef Ella Schmidt’s farm-driven Basque-Colombian restaurant Maite
  • Classic French bistro favorites from Mominette Bistro
  • “A sliver of the backwoods” from roadhouse Montana's Trail House
  • Locally crafted brigadeiro, the Brazilian sweet made with condensed milk, cocoa and butter, by My Sweet
  • The Bushwick-distilled spirit Owney’s Rum by The Noble Experiment NYC
  • Inspired by the produce of Brazil, the organic and non-GMO juice bar café Pitanga
  • Middle eastern and Mediterranean fare from Queen of Falafel
  • British-West Indian inspired elevated pub food by The Rookery
  • Good vibes and Caribbean-American BBQ from newcomer Sally Roots
  • Local and international brews from bar and bottle shop The Sampler
  • Korean-Japanese comfort food from Sandobe
  • Born of fishing, surf and skate culture, the surf n’ turf oasis Sea Wolf
  • Sustainable coffee roasting company brings coffees from around the world to Bushwick at Supercrown Roasters
  • Bushwick’s restaurant-bar-movie theater, Syndicated Bar • Theater • Kitchen
  • New Orleans-style BBQ comfort food from Simon Glenn’s Tchoup Shop @ Heavy Woods
  • Southern-inspired fare by Terra Firma
  • Destination-worthy slice joint Tony’s Pizza (336 Knickerbocker Ave)
  • Neighborhood staple for classic and unusual pies Tony’s Pizzeria & Restaurant (443 Knickerbocker Ave)
  • Classic Bushwick tortilla factory and Mexican cantina Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos
  • Retro grocery and sandwich shop Twin Suns Deli
  • Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from The Wheelhouse

All proceeds from the event benefit The Bushwick Starr.