Inside The Infinite Love Party

For 10 seasons, the Starr has housed ambitious new plays, but at the moment, we’re transforming our space into Diana Oh’s haus where she’s hosting a huge PARTY. Check in with this blog though next Fri. to learn more about the ILP company members and what to expect at party time next week! 

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January 8, 2019

A note from Diana

I love being in the rare art haus that is Bushwick Starr -- a place that says: "hey. you. weirdo. i see you." (what other public art haus in NYC is going to let us have an adult sleepover? BWS, your teeth are sharp and shiny and I like them). I love squishy mushy yummy hugging teary bigger than my body process. We are signing up to be super humans as artists -- we are signing up to become the keenest observers of the human condition -- super. human. Sometime in the past two years, I became tired of apologizing for my light. For trying to pack it in. Once I understood that my queer magic is real, it was like I could celebrate breathing. Being alive today. And embracing the pain. The pain will never go away -- for any of us. The joy tho is something we can endlessly cultivate. I'm working on being Super Human. I think part of it was because I spent 2018 healing. I healed in the mountains in Utah, the jungles in Thailand, the hideaways of Amsterdam. I ran away. I sweated. It felt great. I recovered from past trauma done to my body and my spirit. Being sensitive is a good thing. Tears are just the truth coming out. That's what Jerome Ellis told me. I love the training process of Infinite Love Party. I knew the training process was absolutely number one for me -- and I listened to my body for what felt right. And this. feels. so. right. Release the queer magic. That can heal everyone. This soft luxurious cute Queer Magic. Steel Boxes never felt good to me. Pleasure. Dig into your mouth, down your throat, into your chest, through your tummy, down through your sex parts, lower lower lower down into the ground til you meet your ancestors, feel it course through you. Offer it to the world like maple syrup from a tree. Come have a taste, there's plenty to share. 

The Infinite Love Party

1) Lead Questers in a meditation. Or listen to a meditation. Or cast a spell. (with thought leaders like Kyle Cease, Linda Hall, Adrienne Marie Brown, Thich Nhat Hanh) Introduce the room to Relaxation Response (a form of meditation created to target Fight, Flight, or Freeze.) Today I led Questers on a mindscape to the colors of our hearts. (It's 1/4 of my usual Dope North Star Workshop). This sometimes can take an hour.  

2) Coat our bodies in heart butter.

3) Dance it out. Sweat it out. We have our own dance parties. I also call this "eating it up." Because once our minds relax, and we open up our hearts: our bodies are then ready to eat it up.

4) And only then are we ready to work and put together this wedding for the world.

5) Name and Claim the power of queer magic and own every single piece of you -- your joys, your cracks, your trials, your gifts.

6) And only then are we ready to work and put together this wedding for the world.

7) This is the wedding of my dreams and the party I've always wanted to throw.

8) I believe in this work.

9) I believe in queer magic.

10) I know it's real.

Hot Regards, 

January 8, 2019

Yummy School

After a big day of tech, crafting some DOPE-ass art pieces and me going on the ladder again (!), we are ready for our first party practice! 

But you must be wondering… Of course we turn up on the weekends, but can I party and learn from people during the week, too? The answer is YES!

We have dates for our Yummy School where our Questers will be leading various performances and activities just for YOU! And all for free.

Here’s our schedule - (pronounced shhhedule!)

Sunday, January 13 & 27 at 10:30am: Bryce Nice group free sing

Tuesday, January 22 from 6pm-9pm: Bloom Davis leading letter writing for Pink & Black, an organization that connects pen-pals with current and formerly incarcerated LGBTQ+ members. 

Wednesday, January 22 from 7pm-8:30pm: Bleu Zephra Santiago's group, Palante's first draft reading & writing forum.

Thursday, January 24 at 7pm: Mariah MacCarthy leading prayer school. (It’s a mass but a WOKE mass with readings and songs that mean something to us personally. Just come. You’ll love it).

Let the celebration of YOU continue. 

January 7, 2019

Crew Day

Happy Sunday, friends. 

You could say we got high today. During our very productive Crew Day, friends and volunteers spent most of our time on ladders setting up lights for the party. Every bulb is locked in place for optimum celebratory pleasure & every square inch of the place is sparkling and shining. 

We painted our stage white, so you can finger paint any designs you like & we made sure all safety codes are followed! 

Can't wait for some good, clean fun coming up real soon! 

January 6, 2019

The orgasm heard around the world

The headline says it all, tbh. Thought I’d give you a heads up on some things to expect at this rad soiree…

Who do I talk to if I need help during the event? 
There will be "Questers" who will be performing and guiding activities throughout the night. Keep a lookout for 6 lovely people for assistance. We will tell you what particular garments they're wearing at the top of the show — I mean, party! Damnit. I keep forgetting this is not a play!)

Who else is performing at this party?
Well for one, YOU! At every party, we will be hosting a "liberated performance" section, which is pretty much an open mic for attendees. Sign-ups will happen on a first-come-first-serve basis, at the top of the party. Each performance will be given 3-5 minutes. Also, our Quester, Mariah, will be leading a 6-minute pleasurable kumbaya of some sort, and they hope you join in. "I'm an electric stove not a gas stove. I start slow," they tease. 
This is, of course, done in a safe space. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, please let one of our Questers know and we will support you as needed. 

See ya at the party. ;) 

January 5, 2019

Party Practice Day Two — I cried today

Hi friends,

Gia again! I want to give you more background on Diana Oh, our gracious host. This party queen is an actor/singer-songwriter/theatremaker/performing artist. She is the creator of {my lingerie play}, one of Refinery 29’s Top 14 LGBTQ Influencers, and The Wall Street Journal even called her a “badass.” What I find particularly amazing about her is her significant roles at the Asian American Arts Alliance and her creation of #AsianPeopleAreNotMagicians on She is a key player in the Queer Asian-American community, and she's celebrating this community in our "DOPE MOTHERF*CKER" award ceremony.

As a straight, white female, it means the world that I have the privilege to work with superstars who have overcome socio-related struggles. We will be honoring and interviewing the API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC who work tirelessly to make sure their kids grow up in loving, non-judgmental environments as the world continues to accept and love people of all beliefs & personal preferences of just about anything.

At the party, you will have the opportunity to open your heart to so many perspectives and brainstorm how we can make the world a better place through our stories. We're all working on ourselves, but from 8-10pm at the Bushwick Starr, we get to do this work together. <3 

See you next Friday. 


January 4, 2019

Party Practice Day One

Hi friends,

My name is Gia (she/her) :), intern for The Bushwick Starr here to give you a behind-the-scenes, all-access look at Diana Oh’s Infinite Love Party

That’s right. It’s not a play, it’s a PARTY! Isn’t that fun?

Today was our first day of rehearsals, and let me tell ya. This is  going to be a glittery, sparkly extravaganza rich with food and family. 

After setting intentions, we focused on how we’re going to greet our guests, making sure you feel welcomed and not stressed about going to a party with people you don’t know. 

This party is a celebration of all people: of queerness, of POC, introverts, extroverts and our allies alike. It’s a space of love and humanity where you feel safe and appreciated. 

Party with us on Fridays and Saturdays from January 11 - February 2. Doors open at 7:30pm. The fun starts at 8pm. (Don't be fashionably late!) 

Buy your tickets and learn more here.

Sue Kessler