We're excited to fill you in on our first ever Fall BIG GREEN THEATER program! Check out what we've been doing and learning so far…


The first five weeks of Big Green Theater have flown by! We’ve been learning about heat waves, periods of extreme hot temperatures which are happening more frequently in Bushwick these days because of climate change.

We had two guests come into the classroom, NASA climate scientist Karina Yager and poet/educator Shy Richardson, who introduced us to the concept of environmental justice.

And we went on a field trip to Prospect Park, where Ranger Andrew taught us how trees give us oxygen, absorb pollution, and keep us cool during hot weather.

Meanwhile, we’ve created our own characters and written scenes that take place in an urban neighborhood during a heat wave.

Next, we’ll weave the scenes together into one mega-play, which we will perform at the school on December 14th!

Sue Kessler