SEPTEMBER 6 - 10, 2017

Wednesday - Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 4pm

The Bushwick Starr is thrilled to kick off our 2017-18 Season with Larissa Velez-Jackson's new show, Zapatografía / Shoegraphy, which brings Bushwick community seniors into direct artistic collaboration with one of NYC's most exciting dance artists.

Zapatografía / Shoegraphy is Larissa Velez-Jackson's most conceptual solo dance to date that involves her signature use of humor in its most minimalist form. Created in collaboration with members of the local Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, Zapatografía / Shoegraphy addresses the dichotomy between the longtime working class residents of Bushwick and its burgeoning arts community. It captures the tenuous nature of language and meaning when objects, words, gestures, costumes, pregnant pauses, song, dance, and diverse cultures are placed next to one another.

Created, written, and directed by Larissa Velez-Jackson

Featuring Larissa Velez-Jackson, in collaboration with the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council community. Dramaturgy by Gabriel Rivera, Scenic Design by Gabriel Rivera and Larissa Velez-Jackson, Lighting Design by Lillie De and Larissa Velez-Jackson. Stage management by Martita Abril.


A brief encounter with Larissa

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