What is Green Theater?


The Bushwick Starr is dedicated to operating our theater in an environmentally responsible and conscious way.  We do our part to keep green, from the cleaning products we buy to the type of paint we use. 

Here's a list of ways that we strive to create eco-friendly theater:

– Use fluorescent and/or LED lighting units
– Create manual generators (ie- electricity conducted by a person riding a bicycle)
– Use fuel cell electricity
– Use wind power
– Use only recycled materials for sets, costumes, props, etc.
– Design sets with disassembly in mind (no permanent structures)
– Use modular sets
– Don’t use foam or plastics
– Design costumes using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, hemp, etc.
– Use only non-toxic paint, dyes, stage make-up, etc.
– Use only pump hairsprays
– Use online ticketing (no paper stubs)
– Use online programming (no paper programs)
– Use eco-friendly cleaning and sanitary products
– Offer concessions that are made from locally grown or organic goods (ie- baked goods, organic coffee, etc.)
– Donate all production elements (set, costumes, props, etc.) to other arts organizations, schools, or things like wood scraps to bio-fuel use
– Publicize what we’re doing! Make our eco-conscious mission clear to our artists and audiences