created by @GaryXXXFisher
directed by Machel Ross

The Bushwick Starr is thrilled to partner with independent film studio MAKEREADY in presenting Black Exhibition, a new piece created by @GaryXXXFisher and directed by Machel Ross.

Black Exhibition interrogates the limits of vulnerability, the risk of honesty, and the security of anonymity. By asking the audience to be explicit voyeurs of an artist’s exhibitionism, @GaryXXXFisher through a mining of transgressive texts both found and written hopes to awaken his audience to the true price of exposing oneself.

Gaze upon the choreopoetic inner workings of @GaryXXXFisher and his friends- just know you'll have to pay. @GaryXXXFisher is only here for his fans. Even so, he's right the dark recesses of your mind. He's right the trauma you thought you'd left behind. He's right there...erect, at attention, and hurting. He's right your pocket...Gary with Kathy, Sam, & Micheal around a table. Perhaps Yukio will join as well.

Featuring: Ross Days, Miles Greenberg, AJ Harris, and Dhari Noel

Choreography: Ellenore Scott, Scenic Design: Frank Oliva, Costume Design: Sabrina Bianca Guillaume, Lighting Design: Cheyenne Sykes, Sound Design: Christopher Darbassie, Stage Manager: Arysbells Figueredo, Assistant Scenic Design/Props: Patricia Marjorie, Master Electrician and Assistant Lighting Design: Christina Tang, Assistant Sound Design: Margaret Montagna, Assistant Stage Manager: Caren Celine Morris, Production Assistant: Federica Borlenghi

Photo by Maria Baranova